Urgent water restrictions for Oamaru Water supply


​​Water Restrictions UPDATE [Sunday 02-12-18, 2.30pm]​​​:​

We know that there are a number of people worried about doing an urgent load of washing before next week.  The good news is that due to the effort by everyone to restrict water use we are improving the amount of treated water available.  We have decided to take a CALCULATED RISK and we think the water supply will cope if you absolutely need to do an urgent load of washing.  Please note that this will mean slower progress towards returning the supply to normal.  This is for urgent washing only and ALL OTHER RESTRICTIONS ARE STILL NEEDED.

It is really important to remember that the water treatment plant can only produce water at a reduced level as the raw water is still unusually dirty.  We still need essential water use only for SUNDAY and MONDAY.  The good news is that we are on track to lift the restriction one level on Tuesday – as long as everyone continues to do their bit for the rest of Sunday and Monday.​

Current water notices on our Water Notices page.


Water Restrictions UPDATE [Sunday 02-12-18, 8.30am]​​​:

Due to continuing community effort to conserve water, two more days of the same will mean that Oamaru, and surrounding areas down to Moeraki on the Oamaru water supply, are on target to downgrade the full water restriction to a full conserve water notice on Tuesday morning. Reservoir levels are still very low but have improved due to the efforts of the community over the last 2 days. 

The amount of treated water the plant can generate has not changed, and can’t change until the treated water reservoir is approximately 60% full (when a full clean can be carried out) and the raw water turbidity has dropped to suitable levels.

Water demand has dropped from 10,300m3/day on Thursday to 9,500m3/day on Friday, to 8,900m3/day yesterday which is a good improvement. More improvement is still required for the next couple of days to get through the situation.

Water pumps to all areas remain turned on and supply should be at normal levels.

Current water notices on our Water Notices page​.


Water Restrictions UPDATE [Saturday 01-12-18]:​

Due to everyone's conservation efforts Kakanui, Hampden, Herbert, and Moeraki area pumps were turned back on last night, and these will take a day or so to return to fully to normal.​ Weston and the surrounding areas did not have to get turned off after all as we were able to juggle flow rates and storage to keep things going.

We have made small increases in storage overnight, and this is solely because people are now observing the restrictions necessary and generally conserving water well.​

The source water is getting better but this will take days to get through to the treatment plant to increase the ability to make more treated water than we are currently. At this stage we are not able to increase production at all.​

Remember the water is safe to drink, and essential use is fine. The savings are made by reducing the flushing of toilets, hand washing dishes and clothes, and refraining from cleaning cars and watering gardens.

The next update will be tomorrow morning unless anything changes. Please be vigilant in these times.​

Current water notices on our Water Notices page​.


Essential Water Use Only notice in place for consumers on the Oamaru Water Supply [30-11-2018]:

The recent heavy rain events have made the Waitaki River, which supplies the Oamaru Drinking Water Supply Treatment Plant with water, very dirty. This is making the water difficult to treat and is affecting our ability to keep ahead of demand from households and businesses.

This applies to ALL of OAMARU, including Weston and Enfield Rural Areas, Kakanui, Herbert, Hampden and Moeraki supply areas.

The Reservoir is dangerously low and at this stage we are producing far less water than demand. Oamaru and the surrounding areas are now on FULL WATER RESTRICTIONS, meaning essential water use only.

Essential water use is no water use at all that is not absolutely necessary:

    • No clothes washing
    • No car cleaning
    • Don’t use dishwashers – hand wash only
    • No watering of plants and gardens
    • Flush No 2’s only
    • Shower for no more than 2 minutes
    • Fix leaks

Council needs the public's help to get our water reserves back up so we can carry out routine maintenance on the treatment to  treat more water. Every bit of water that consumers can refrain from using will help.​

Running out of treated water will mean delivery of untreated, turbid water, which will require boiling.

We need to seriously reduce water usage for 4 days to let things recover to a manageable level. Residents are urged to help spread the word.​

Further to this, water supply to the following areas were turned off last night:

    • Kakanui township and surrounds (East side of Railway from Thousand Acre Rd to Kakanui river)
    • Herbert Area, including Waianakarua area
    • Hampden township and surrounding area
    • The booster pump supplying Moeraki and surrounding area​

We also understand that there are supply issues in the Weston township and surrounding area which will we investigate, but this supply is likely to be turned off today as well.

Stay up to date with water notices on our Water Notices page​.

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