Temporary liquor bans begin on Labour Weekend

2/10/2018 12:00 a.m.

​​Temporary Liquor Bans will be applied in designated areas of Omarama and Otematata from Labour weekend (9pm Friday 19 October 2018) until Queen's Birthday weekend (6am Monday 3 June 2019) under the Waitaki Liquor Ban Bylaw. The purpose of the bylaw is to protect the community and improve safety. The Police have powers to enforce the bylaw, which include powers of arrest and search. 

It is an offence to consume or carry opened alcohol in an alcohol ban area. This doesn't apply to drinking on private property in the liquor ban area, liquor being carried in un-opened containers from an off-license and/or a supermarket or liquor being carried in un-opened containers through the liquor ban area.

The liquor ban area for Otematata shown on the map extends to the southern boundary of the town, the boundaries of the Otematata Golf Course, the 80km speed limit signs to the east and west of Otematata and on Loch Laird Road.

The liquor ban area for Omarama shown on the map covers the township of Omarama within the100km speed limit signs.

Visit our Liquor Ban Area page for more information

​cover photo credit: Seh Kin Wai​​

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