Rubbish survey actually very good


​1 December 2020

Respondents want more education and information provided about recycling.

Last month we carried out a Waste Management Survey as part of our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) as required by the Waste Minimisation Act of 2008. To assess its progress against the plan, the Council requires a statistically robust measure of how the district's residents are currently managing waste disposal. The research shows the relative differences in waste management by households, businesses, and farms in the Waitaki District. 

The aim of the survey was to find out the main facilities and services used by Waitaki residents and whether these amenities are meeting their needs, identify issues residents might be encountering with regard to waste disposal, record their views and look at how we can improve the current waste disposal processes and systems.

The survey found satisfaction relatively high with eight in ten respondents (80%) satisfied (rating satisfied or extremely satisfied) with the services they use to dispose of their general waste. Businesses were more likely to be satisfied with kerbside collection services than households. 

However nearly three quarters (74%) of respondents would like to see Council do more waste minimisation and education activities. Suggestions included info dissemination on recycling and composting, provision of more recycling options, creation of a three-bin system, and conduct of more educational activities in schools regarding recycling.

Whether to make any changes to Council’s current waste services will be considered by Council as part of it’s Long Term Plan 2021-31.​

Read all the survey results here:​

Waitaki District Council - Waste Management Survey Draft Report 19102020.pdf​ (10.9MB)

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