Resiliency Reservoir's Core Purpose


The new Ōamaru treated water reservoir will be built to modern, increased standards set in New Zealand after the Christchurch earthquake. Being able to weather a major catastrophe as well as guarantee supply resilience is a big part of the project’s core purpose - safeguarding the Ōamaru treated water supply and increasing its treated water storage at the Reservoir Road site from 8700 ML to 17400 ML. In an average demand time, our current reservoir will hold sufficient water for 18 hours supply, the new reservoir will take this out to 36 hours.

The water restrictions imposed upon those on the Ōamaru supply in 2018 meant the build was brought forward, with an aim to have the new reservoir in active use by Easter 2021.

Council had received 6 offers in a highly competitive tender process and would make a decision as to whether to proceed or not at its meeting on 18 March. The cost of the work is $4.7m which is higher than the budget of $3.5m. The tender prices have shown the effect of increased standards due to the Christchurch earthquake and include additional site works. Mayor for Waitaki Gary Kircher said he hoped the new reservoir and the resulting additional capacity would mean fewer water restrictions​.

diagram of new reservoir

The reservoir will take approximately 14 months to construct, weather dependent, and be installed on the above site, close to the existing reservoir. A concept design is below:​

design of the new reservoir


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