Report a road crash online

A new way to help prevent crashes on roads in the Waitaki district has been introduced on this website.

An online form has been created so that people can report a road crash. The form includes some specific information including the name of the road, weather conditions, such as whether it was raining or if fog was present and, where possible, if more than one vehicle was involved.

Roading Manager Michael Voss says having the ability to gather this information, that has been previously unrecorded, will help build a picture of high-risk roads and what improvements can be made to make them safer.

“We’re aware that people use a range of social media platforms to anecdotally report crashes, however, it’s difficult to monitor all these platforms and virtually impossible to build a picture of the high-risk crash sites in any practical way so that we can meaningfully intervene,” says Michael.

“With this new online tool, we are hoping people will use it when they see a crash or know of one so that we can use the information to determine if and where we have ‘black spots’ so that our roading engineers can make improvements to increase the safety for our motorists.”

While most of the information is needed such as name of the road, the date and time of the crash, people also have the option of recording their name and contact details which could be helpful in following up with them.

“Some people will want to know what action we will take, hence them leaving their name, phone number or email address. Other people will simply tell us about a crash with the necessary information. Either way, the information we gather from these reports will help us identify high-risk crash areas and make the necessary improvements.”

The information supplied through this online tool will not be used for enforcement purposes.

Check our online road crash report form

Page reviewed: 08 Mar 2018 11:05am