Water Restrictions downgraded to 'Limited' for Oamaru Supply

3/12/2018 7:00 a.m.

​More great water conservation efforts by the community has seen the demand on the Oamaru Water Supply drop again from 8900m3/day to 8250m3/day.

The treated water reservoir is sitting in the high 50 - 60% area. It is expect this will drop this morning as businesses get back going and the daily filter clean is carried out.

The raw water turbidity is continuing to drop allowing slight increases in production of treated water from the water treatment plant.

That means it is possible to reduce the level of restrictions to ‘Limited water restrictions’ from 12pm today. Essential clothes washing was allowed from 2pm yesterday.

Limited Water Restrictions mean:

  • Clothes washing can be done
  • Dish washing can be done
  • Full business use is allowed
  • Hand watering of plants is allowed
  • Continue to minimise shower times
  • Continue to reduce toilet flushing
  • No irrigation system use
  • No car washing
  • No water cleaning (water blasting)

Effectively this is a downgrade to a 'Conserve Water' notice although Council is still asking that consumers to restrict water use as much as they practically can.

Restrictions are expected to be lifted completely by Friday 7 December.​

Find more information about current water notices on our Water Notices page​

Page reviewed: 03 Dec 2018 9:44am