District Plan Review team ask how we can protect Waitaki’s coastline


​​​With Alert Level 2 here, a lot of people are wanting to re-connect with the natural world and Waitaki is a fantastic place to start! Already we can go to the beach to go surfing and fishing and our domestic tourism providers are very keen to show off our natural assets to the rest of the country.

Our coastline has its fair share of stories. The highlight may have come back in 2018 with the BBC TV series ‘Coast New Zealand’, when presenter Neil Oliver showcased our part of the world to international audiences.  

Before the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of our coastal environment south of Ōamaru, Moeraki and as far as Shag Point was increasingly being sought after for development, and this trend isn’t expected to cease.

A motive of moving from inland places to Waitaki can be due to the desire of being closer to the coast with its smell of salty air and crashing waves. Planners have lots of abstract terms for describing the attraction of people towards coastal areas. They know its a matter of national importance to protect what’s described as the natural character in the coastal environment and its qualities special to local iwi, our coastal wildlife, many geo-sites and heritage.  

Too many houses, earthworks and rapid changes within this area will alter the look and feel of these areas forever. The District Plan Review is the forum to discuss how we get the balance right and how far inland we should be considering protecting what we think is special. As part of the District Plan Review we are needing to review how far the coastal environment extends and why. So when you’re out and about rediscovering what makes this place so wonderful, do take some time to think what makes our coastal environments special and how we can hold on to what we treasure the most about the coastline. ​

We’d be keen to hear what you have to say: districtplan@waitaki.govt.nz​

Page reviewed: 19 May 2020 9:22am