Heritage nominations: Let's start a conversation


As part of the review of the Waitaki District Plan, Council has recently written to a number of landowners in Waitaki about buildings or places that may have heritage value. 

At this stage these buildings and places are only suggestions, and we are simply interested in what landowners have to say. And because these places are only suggestions, they are not part of the current District Plan. 

While some owners are happy to have the heritage of their building recognised, some have expressed concerns about the process following their place’s suggestion and Council’s subsequent request for their feedback. As a result of these concerns, Council is considering how they will approach any suggestion for heritage listing that are opposed by any property owner. The Council will consider this approach at a meeting on the 8 th of October. Staff will contact owners of nominated places after this meeting. 

Waitaki District Council Planning Manager Hamish Barrell said, “As a community we are increasingly recognising the value of our heritage and the opportunities this brings for place identity, external funding, tourism, marketing and film. But at the same time we understand that there is also the potential for direct costs to be borne by individuals should a place be ultimately listed through the District Plan and restrictions placed on impacts on heritage value. This is the time for a conversation to find the right balance between benefits and those potential costs.” ​

Page reviewed: 18 Sep 2019 8:31am