Council CE to step down in 2021


Fergus has been Chief Executive of the Waitaki District Council since September 2017. He communicated his decision to step down to Mayor Gary Kircher and Councillors last week.  

Mr Power said that the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and has had an impact on his own family, with his wife Tri (from Thailand) now unable to see her family as frequently as has been the case in times pre-COVID-19.  Mr Power and his wife will return to live in Thailand following his departure from Council.  

Mr Power said that a 10 month notice period gives Council ample time to select his successor. He said that while he is enjoying leading the staff at Council and contributing to the community’s response to the effects of COVID-19, “family comes first”.  

He said that “there is still much to do in terms of strengthening Council’s capacity to assist in making the Waitaki ‘the best place to be’. A heightened focus on attracting new businesses and residents to the district, while working with Tourism Waitaki and industry stakeholders to maximise domestic visitation will aid the Waitaki’s resilience in the face of any further social and economic shocks”.

Mayor Kircher said that while Mr Power’s decision came as a surprise, it was entirely understandable given the unusual circumstances in which many couples who have families in distant parts of the world now find themselves. Mayor Kircher said that he and Councillors had commenced discussions around the recruitment process for the next CEO and further comment would be made about this over the coming weeks.

Page reviewed: 31 Jul 2020 7:06am