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​​More Waitaki homes added to eligible warm up zones

“Warmer Kiwi Homes” is a Government programme that subsidises the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation, as well as ground moisture barriers, to eligible households. 

The Government is paying 67% of the costs of these healthy homes interventions. Locally, Otago Community Trust is picking up the rest, so there is no cost to eligible homeowners. 

Jordana Whyte, Project Manager Cosy Homes, has been getting the word out with the help of Helen Algar of Waitaki District Council’s Safer Waitaki.

“A warmer home is an intervention which has been out of reach for a lot of people for a while,” says Jordana. “It is the first thing we recommend to make homes healthier. When people have their houses insulated they don’t get as many colds, have fewer chest infections and if they have asthma they use their inhalers less, see the doctor less. Not to mention the mental health benefits. Being cold all the time is just miserable, not a fun existence. Being warm just improves your mood.”​

Who is eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes grant? 

To be eligible for a grant you will need to: 

  • be the owner-occupier of a home built before 2008 AND 
  • have a Community Services Card or (Super)Gold + CSC combo card. 


  • ​be the owner-occupier of a home built before 2008 AND 
  • live in an area identified by the Government as an eligible “warm up zone” (see maps or check your address here: 

How much are the subsidies? 

For eligible homeowners, the subsidies cover 100% of the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation. 

How do I access the programme? 

You can check your eligibility and get the process started by filling out a short form at the Government’s Energywise site: 

Or, you can fill out a brief web form at Don’t forget to include your phone number so we can pass this along to the installers if you are eligible. 

Or, you can access Warmer Kiwi Homes through either of the two Government approved installers: 

  • Absolute Energy: 0800 432 454 
  • SmartEnergy Solutions: 0800 888 766

See the document below for maps of the new Waitaki Warm Up Zones:


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