Wood for the Trees


Many of us will have thoughts about the appropriateness of exotic pine plantations. One doesn't have to go far to find them. The problem in the future is likely to be how far you have to go to escape them as the reality of planting trees for carbon credits hits home. 

Over the last year several issues have come to light in the Waitaki district associated with actual and proposed new areas for forestry. Council recognises its ability to manage the problem is now constrained by both Government regulation preventing local initiatives and incentivisation through the One Billion Trees Funding Programme. ​But for many we recognise the balance isn't quite right in this district and as such Council is seeking ways to address the future effects of production and carbon forestry plantings. 

As part of the District Plan Review we are needing to identify where outstanding landscapes, significant natural areas or visual amenity landscapes are, all of which provide grounds to consider the appropriateness of forestry proposals. The District Plan Review team are about to start landowner engagement on a number of these issues shortly.   

Then there are other environmental considerations such as preservation of waterways, eradication of pest plants and animals, and avoiding the problems associated with removal of our biodiverse environments. There may also be opportunity to advocate to central government as to how a one-size fits all approach may pose a risk to a number of at risk species and special places.

We'd be keen to hear what you have to say: districtplan@waitaki.govt.nz

Page reviewed: 17 Feb 2021 9:29am