Waitaki Sets Base Level for Emissions


​​​​​​​​In the red in a good way: a Waitaki District Council commissioned Greenhouse Gas emissions report for 2018/19 shows the organisation at significantly negative net emissions, with the organisation removing more greenhouse gases than it emits.

The first report of what may be biannual reporting commissioned by the Waitaki District Council to inventory its own greenhouse gas emissions as an organisation was released today. 

Waitaki District Council’s gross emissions were 2,876 tonnes and removals -4,902 tonnes, resulting in net emissions of -2,026 tonnes. This means that the Council is making a positive contribution overall towards mitigating climate change and by doing so acting on one of Council’s strategic priorities, to recognise and provide for the implications of climate change.  

Waitaki District Council Chief Executive Fergus Power said, “The idea behind getting this report done was to provide a baseline for our level of emissions and identify the main sources of emissions.  The three largest sources of emissions include: wastewater treatment (36%), electricity consumption (30%), and landfill (13%).  Any subsequent reports will therefore be able to provide a comparison with this base level.  Council is yet to decide on its subsequent level of reporting but potentially we may be looking at every two years.”

Mayor for Waitaki, Gary Kircher said, “Along with many Councils and companies across New Zealand and beyond, the Waitaki District Council has commissioned the work to measure how we are doing regarding our net emissions. In our case, we are fortunate that our reasonable forestry assets act as a “net emissions sink” and that Council is making a positive contribution overall towards combatting climate change.”

​​​Document link: Waitaki District Council Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2018/19 Financial Year​​ (PDF, 1MB)

Page reviewed: 07 Jan 2020 9:49am