Seeds of Life at the Forrester


The Forrester Gallery is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition Seeds of Life – The Bone Art of Bruce Mahalski.

Bruce Mahalski is a Dunedin artist, known for his illustration, street murals, and sculpture incorporating animal bones. He is also the founder and curator of the Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery, a private museum of natural history, ethnographic objects, social history and his own bone sculptures.

Bruce has had solo and group exhibitions of his art in a range of media in both New Zealand and England since 1996. To him bones are not symbols of death but celebrate the living forces which created them. His work attempts to pay tribute to these forces by building objects which look like they might have organically grown themselves. Bruce creates his works from bones in his collection, bones (and other organic material) collected on 'bone hunting' trips around Otago and New Zealand, as well as donations and gifts from people in the community.

Paintings of bones are a more recent development of Bruce's art practice. He has long enjoyed creating murals, but he had not focused on more standard sized painted works. However, last year Bruce was asked to paint a series of images for an exhibition at Otago Museum, and this sparked his interest. He has since painted a number of works that depict objects from his collection. These painted works are part of the exhibition at the Forrester Gallery.

Seeds of Life – the Bone Art of Bruce Mahalski is on display at the Forrester Gallery, Ōamaru, from 10 April-13 June 2021. Bruce will be giving an artist talk at the gallery at 5.30pm, Thursday 6 May 2021.

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