Paving Paradise


On the agenda for next week’s council meeting is the approval of a loan of up to $500,000 to be spent on footpaths for Weston. It’s the next stage for footpaths for Weston residents, with the last ones going in six years ago. As one of the fastest growing townships in Waitaki, the call for more footpaths has been made by the community. Council is responding to that call as more people, particularly children, are walking on roadsides and there is more traffic on the roads.

Subject to Council agreement on Tuesday, the next stage will be public consultation so that Council can find out where people think are areas of the most importance. Work can then be done to cost the project and then options around the repayment of the loan can be put to Weston ratepayers. 

Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher said, “Some of the funding needed for the new footpaths is available in Weston’s Amenity Rate reserves, but the balance would be loan funded. We’ll need to ask the community whether they want all of the work done and then repay that amount, or if they’d rather get the work done in a more staged process. That will help us decide the exact scale of the project, and give the community the footpaths they want, at a cost they are happy with.”

Waitaki Roading Manager Mike Harrison said, “Once the Weston Footpath Project is confirmed we will commence the project plan which will include the Consultation Plan, scoping the full extent of future footpaths, and to prepare a logical delivery programme. Future works that may be planned by Three Waters, Network Waitaki, and telecommunications will also need to be considered in any delivery plan proposal.

Road space demand is changing at an increased pace and involves many factors, however, underlying all is the fact that every journey begins, and ends, with people walking somewhere. What we do now will be significant to the future development of the district and the Weston lifestyle.” 

Page reviewed: 26 Jun 2020 12:23pm