Phasing out of Cheque Payments


As New Zealand banks continue to phase out the use of cheques, the Waitaki District Council will no longer be processing incoming or outgoing cheques after 28 May 2021. Council’s cut-off date will allow time to make sure all cheques received are processed ahead of the banks deadlines.

We are working to ensure the elimination of cheques as a payment option does not impact access to any of the services the Waitaki District Council provides.

If you currently make any payments to the Waitaki District Council by cheque, you will need to start using other forms of payment.  Other payment options include:

  • Direct debit payments (fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly)
  • Electronic payment via internet banking
  • Automatic payment via your bank
  • Phone banking / bill pay
  • Credit / debit card (credit card fees apply)
  • Cash or Eftpos.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, the first thing to do is to contact your bank and let them know you are going to need some assistance. 

Waitaki District Libraires are also running a ‘Stepping Up’ programme which includes digital literacy classes that can offer support during the transition period as cheques are being phased out. If you wish to enquire about this service, please contact the libraries directly on 03-433 0850.

For further information regarding anything else, please contact our Customer Liaison Team on 03-433 0300.

Page reviewed: 30 Apr 2021 1:59pm