On the Hunt for Little Blues


​​​​Waitaki District Council's event coordinator Hayley Cusiel has been working on a great school holiday activity with Ben & Fiona Stratford. The Stratfords holiday in Taupo frequently, and during these holidays they have participated in the variety of family-friendly biking routes around Taupo. In particular they thought the treasure hunt bike trail they did last Easter was a concept that could transfer well to Oamaru and have worked with Hayley to create​ an inaugural bike trial that's uniquely "Oamaruvian" for these school holidays.  

10 blue bikes will be parked along the trail in Oamaru (utilising some of the A2O trail) from Saturday 26 September to Sunday 11 October.

Starting in the Harbour bike park area, the trail will make its way to various local spots. Children will have a passport with a map and instructions on it and the hunt will be on to find all of the special blue bikes along the way. Each of the blue bikes will have a different letter. Once the children have collected them all, they then need to unscramble the letters to crack the code and then place their entry at Council HQ.

The prizes are $200, $100 and $50 vouchers to spend at any of the three local bike shops and will be drawn after the school holidays.

The bikes will be up for the two weeks of the school holidays. Sarka Cibulcova, who recently painted one of Oamaru's Chorus boxes, has painted the little bluey that will be attached to each bike so they are easily identified (although they are all blue!).

Mayor Gary Kircher said, "This is another great example of how we can make the Waitaki district the best place to be! It gets our kids out and about, and will be entertaining and fun for all the family! And it is an opportunity to show our youngsters some of the Oamaru area at the same time. It promises to be a popular event!"

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