Meetings will discuss erosion, hazards and flooding


Public meetings will be held next week to advise the coastal communities of the Waitaki district about the updated coastal hazards mapping that has been undertaken by NIWA and the Otago Regional Council on behalf of the Waitaki District Council. This updated mapping will form the basis of considerations made during the District Plan Review. The main hazards to be considered are coastal inundation and coastal erosion, as well as tsunami hazard zones. Representatives from ORC, NIWA and the Waitaki District Council will be in attendance.

Heritage, Environment and Regulatory Acting Group Manager Roger Cook said, "While we are still at the early stages of this year's District Plan Review process and public consultation has not yet begun, we feel that a conversation with coastal communities is vital to building good participation and understanding."

Coastal inundation and coastal erosion

The Waitaki District has low-lying coastal areas that are vulnerable to flooding by the sea during storms, especially when high tides and large wave occur at the same time. The land around creeks and rivers are particularly at risk because high seas can cause the river to back up inland. Sea level is also rising, and future storms may be more intense, so vulnerable areas that are flooded only occasionally now are likely to be flooded more frequently in future.

The district is simultaneously experiencing long-term retreat of its coastline. In particular, the coast north of Oamaru is experiencing a rapid recession of the soft sediment cliffs. Coastal erosion in the district threatens communities, infrastructure, and assets.

Coastal Hazards mapping Public Meetings will be held on these dates/times:

 Moeraki Coronation Hall 11:00 Sunday 18th

 Kakanui Community Centre 18:00 Sunday 18th

Flood mapping

A public meeting is also being held on another separate topic which will also inform the District Plan Review. The Waitaki River Floodplain Assessment Overlay covers land on the southern side of the Waitaki River that may be subject to flooding from the Waitaki River and has been developed using a computer hydraulic model to describe and map the flood hazard characteristics associated with the lower Waitaki River floodplain. Representatives from the Otago Regional Council and the Waitaki District Council will be in attendance.

Updated flood mapping for the Waitaki River delta:

Papakaio Hall 19:00 Monday 19th

Public meetings will be around 60-90 minutes. All welcome.

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