KDIC Pipeline Update Feb 2020


​​​​​Council is pleased to report we’re making progress with finding a satisfactory solution to this issue. KDIC has submitted an application for amendment within the required timeframe. We have visited the site and made sure the submission addresses the issues identified. An independent consultant and commissioner will assess the application. Further information has been requested and we await the response from KDIC. 

Even at this early stage of the proceedings we can conclusively say the good news is sections of the pipe will now be going underground, but realistically not all of the pipe is able to do that. Now, there will be a process of refining the design elements and having an independent commissioner decide on the final application.

Mayor for Waitaki Gary Kircher said, “It’s very pleasing to see the company is responding well to the timeline that’s been given and is complying with requirements get the pipeline out of the public’s line of vision and below the crown of the road. More of the pipeline will now be in the ground than was going to be previously and the prominent blue valves will be replaced with something far less obvious. From now on it’s a back and forth between us: we’ll keep in communication with them to ensure that they comply with the resource consents and the community gets its view back.”

Key points:

  • KDIC has submitted a variation to their application for the pipeline within the required timeframe  
  • Council’s Consultant Planner has visited the site and concludes that it addresses the main issues identified, being the need to address the visual impacts of the above ground sections of pipeline. 
  • The application is considered to be sufficiently complete to progress, however, further information has been requested and we await the response from KDIC.
  • An Independent commissioner will decide on the application, including whether there are any grounds for notification.

Page reviewed: 21 Feb 2020 2:01pm