Have Your Say Before it’s too Late!


The 16th of August is the cut off point for feedback on the Waitaki 2030 District Plan Review discussion document. A District Plan sets out WHERE you want activities and development and HOW you want land to be used. The current rules have been in place for almost 20 years, which is why Waitaki District Council planning staff and Councillors are currently hard at work assembling a vision for 2030, but the next bit requires a whole lot of help and public feedback.

Waitaki Mayor, Gary Kircher emphasised the importance of getting the plan right, “People want to be able to enjoy their properties, with some certainty of what can happen in their neighbourhood. Equally, they want to know that they can use their property for the things they want to do. The District Plan gives some certainty, and the more feedback we get through our current consultation, the more accurately we can reflect people’s wishes.”

Should the District Plan include a rural production zone? What rules should govern activities on the surface of freshwater (rivers and lakes)? Should we decrease the threshold for the volume of earthworks for which a consent must first be obtained? What significant trees do we want to protect? How much light pollution is too much? What should noise limits be? Should land in a particular area be zoned Residential, Rural, or Industrial? The decisions council makes now will shape district development for decades to come. Council desires to be more deliberate in planning; other areas we are seeking feedback on are energy and transport infrastructure, hazards and risks, and public interactions/key values when it comes to heritage and environment.

“Public feedback will ensure the council is on the right track – delivering what you, our community desire to see,” said Mayor Kircher. “So far 112 responses have been received, with the public giving council their ideas on subdivision, energy, infrastructure and transport. We’re hearing that people are keen on cycle-ways in Oamaru and concerned about the lack of transport options for people without a car, they have views on what should be residential zoned land, or rural zones, and care about rules around activities on the surface of water and the use and protection of our coastal environment. The public are telling us that some simple rules around solar energy would be helpful, and that low impact housing design is important to them. Your ideas are needed too! Make a cuppa, sit down and send them in to us.”

​Check out the Waitaki district plan review website

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