Harbour Area Workshop will be open to public


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A Harbour Area Committee workshop will be held on 25 July to discuss the next steps for the Harbour Plan 2019. This meeting will be open for the public to attend and observe the discussions between committee members. To allow greater participation, representatives from other groups who participated in the earlier ILM workshop will also be invited to contribute.

Mayor Gary Kircher, Chair of the Harbour Area Committee, said, “ The next step for feedback from the public is a critical one. We want to develop good options which the public can choose from, letting us know clearly what elements they want to see in the area, and what they don’t. We also want to be very clear about the costs of the existing infrastructure and the financial impact of any proposals.”

“At this meeting, the project team will present a proposed plan to engage with the public and give everyone the opportunity to speak their mind on the identified areas. If this is approved, we will then proceed to launch a period of public engagement around the options discussed. The timeframe for this is likely to be identified at the meeting,” he said.

The information being discussed will be in draft format. Once agreed on by the Committee it will be shared with the public for their feedback. Once public feedback has been incorporated the final Harbour Plan will be submitted to Council for approval.

Council understands that the Harbour is an important place for many in the community. This is why it is seeking to discuss the options with the Committee in a public workshop environment. As has been the approach throughout the Harbour planning process – no decisions have been made and transparency is critical to ensuring an end product that has community support.

Understanding what level of investment the community sees as acceptable is critical to ensuring the plan strikes the right balance between community sentiment and financial sustainability.

The meeting will be held in the Inkbox at the Opera House and is scheduled to begin at 3pm on Thursday 25 July.​

For more information please visit ​Oamaru Harbour Masterplan page​.

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