Childcare Allowance Removes Another Barrier to Office


a child painting a picture

Waitaki District Council this week voted to adopt the latest Remuneration Authority Determination advocating the implementation of a childcare subsidy for elected members, including community board members. The option has been accepted by a number of Councils which have considered it to date, but some councils had turned it down.

Waitaki District Council voted for the option unanimously.

The Remuneration Authority has stated that the subsidy is not designed to cover all costs, but it is there to make sure that these costs were not a barrier for parents with young families who wished to consider local government as an option. Whether Mayor, Councillors or a community board members, they would be entitled to a portion of the cost of childcare.

Mayor for Waitaki, Gary Kircher said it was important to remove obstacles for those who wished to stand for Council. He said that this subsidy was a good step forward that would help broaden our representation, and it was a step in the right direction towards getting a more representative Council.

“I’m very pleased, especially when we have got candidates from across the community and different age groups standing in this year’s elections. It doesn’t remove all of the barriers, but it does lower this one.”

The childcare allowance would come into effect once the new Council is sworn in. 

Page reviewed: 13 Sep 2019 12:36pm