Our Councillors

The Waitaki District is divided into four wards that elect a total of 10 councillors (excluding the Mayor).

You can find their contact details below.  

Councillor - Craig Dawson 

Phone (Home/Office): 03 438 9755
Email: cdawson@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 3 Keene Place, Omarama

 Executive; Development Contributions; District Plan Review; Finance, Audit and Risk; Grants and Awards; Heritage, Environment and Regulatory; Information Services Committee (Chair),  and Upper Waitaki Zone Committee (Joint Committee).

​​Portfolio: Rural Roads

Councillor -  Bill Kingan 

Phone  (Home): 03 432 4247
Phone (Mobile): 021 146 9612
Email: wkingan@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 71 Wellington Street, RD2C, Oamaru 9491

​​ Assets (Chair); District Plan Review; Grants and Awards; Heritage, Environment and Regulatory; Information Services; Otago Regional Land Transport (Joint Committee); and Safer Waitaki Coalition (External Committee ).

Portfolios: Rural Roads, Solid Waste and Recycling 

​​Councillor - Guy Percival

Phone (Home): 03 432 4225 
Email: gpercival@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 55 Rutherfords Road, Fuchsia Creek, R.D. 15D, Oamaru 9492

​​​​​  Assets; Community and Culture; Development Contributions (Chair); District Plan Review; Grants and Awards; Harbour Area; and Otago Regional Land Transport (External Committee).

Portfolio: Rural Roads

Councillor -  Colin Wollstein

Phone(Home): 03 434 7017 
Email: cwollstein@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 43c Hull Street, Oamaru 9400

 Community and Culture;  Executive; Finance, Audit and Risk (Chair); Grants and Awards; Harbour Area; Information Services; and Alps 2 Ocean (Joint Committee).


Councillor - Hugh Perkins

Phone (Home): 03 434 1160
Phone (Mobile): 027 480 8119 
Email: hperkins@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 32 Hull Street, Oamaru 9400

: Assets; Cultural Facility Development; Development Contributions; Grants and Awards; and Heritage, Environment and Regulatory (Chair). 

Quasi-Judicial:  Hearings, and District Licensing Committee "A" 

Portfolios: Property Advisory, Solid Waste and Recycling, and Cultural Facility Development Funding.


Councillor - Jeremy Holding

Phone (Home): 03 434 2265 
Phone (Mobile):  027 565 7873 
Email: jholding@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 40 Tyne Street, Oamaru 9400

Assets; Community and Culture; Cultural Facility Development;  Grants and Awards (Chair); Harbour Area; and Lower Waitaki South Coastal Zone (Joint Committee). He is also a member of the Donald and Nellye Malcolm Trust.

Portfolio: Waitaki Recreation Centre

Councillor - Jim Hopkins

Phone (Home): 03 434 9410
Email: jhopkins@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 16 Tamar Street, Oamaru 9400

Cultural Facility Development; Development Contributions; District Plan Review (Chair); Finance, Audit and Risk; and Grants and Awards.

Quasi-Judicial: Hearings (Chair), and District Licensing Committee "A" 
Portfolio: Communications

Deputy Mayor/Councillor - Melanie Tavendale

Phone (Home): 03 439 5243 
Phone (Mobile):  022 123 9870
Email: mtavendale@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal:19 Burnett Street, Kakanui 9495

Assets; Community and Culture (Chair); Cultural Facility Development; Executive; Grants and Awards; Harbour Area; Information Services; and Youth Council.

​​Portfolios: Communications, Cultural Facility Development Funding

​​Councillor -  Peter Garvan

Phone (Mobile): 021 447 781
Email: pgarvan@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 45 Severn Street, Oamaru 9400

Executive, Development Contributions;  District Plan Review; Executive; Finance,  Audit and Risk; Grants and Awards; Heritage, Environment and Regulatory; Information Services 
Quasi-Judicial: Hearings, and District Licensing Committee "A" (Chair)

Portfolio: Property Advisory


Councillor - Jan Wheeler

Phone (Home): 03 439 4855 
Email: jwheeler@waitaki.govt.nz
Postal: 3518 Hampden-Palmerston Road, Palmerston 9482

Community and Culture; District Plan Review; Finance, Audit and Risk; and Grants and Awards.

Portfolios: Rural Roads, Solid Waste and Recycling


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