Ahuriri Community Board By-election 2019


​​Futher Notice of By-election

As of Monday 23 January 2019 Council has received one nomination from Peter K. Ellis to fill the extraordinary vacancy on the Ahuriri Community Board.

As nominations have now closed and the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Peter K. Ellis is declared elected unopposed.​


This by-election covers the extraordinary vacancy for one Ahuriri Community Board member. The extraordinary vacancy has arisen from insufficient nominations received during the 2019 triennial elections to fill all vacancies on this community board.

A full candidate handbook was produced for the recently concluded 2019 local body elections. A base description of the role of a member, the remuneration levels, meeting frequency, etc. are available from the handbook, along with general information about candidate eligibility, campaigning requirements, election offences etc. A copy of the handbook is available from the council office or by requesting a copy from the election helpline on 0800 666 928. 

​Nominations received ​

Electoral Officer Details

The Electoral Officer for this by-election is Anthony Morton. Anthony is based in Christchurch and works for election management company, electionz.com Ltd. The Electoral Officer can be contacted by: 

The Deputy Electoral Officer for this by-election is Carole Hansen. Carole can be contacted on:

Summarised By-election Timetable 

​Monday, 25 November 2019​Public Notice of By-election: NOMINATIONS OPEN
​Monday 23 December 2019​NOMINATIONS CLOSE (NOON)
ASAP after 23 December
​Public Notice of confirmed candidate(s) and whether election
​Monday 27 January 2020
Delivery of voting documents commences
Progressive roll scrutiny
Early processing period starts
Special voting period starts
Tuesday 18 February 2020
Voting closes 12 noon – counting co​mmences
Preliminary results available as soon as practicable
​By Friday 21 February 2020​Official declaration
​By Friday 28 February 2020​Public notice of declaration of result
​By Thursday 16 April 2020​​Return of electoral expense forms​

Candidate profile statement and photo requirements​

The Local Electoral Act allows for candidate profile statements (CPS) to be provided by each candidate with the nomination paper. If an election is required these are then collated by the Electoral Officer and forwarded to electors in a sheet or booklet with the voting papers. Refer also to the notes listed in Appendix 1 of the Candidate Handbook.

Candidate profile statements are limited to 150 words and should be provided electronically via e-mail as a MS Word document that has been spell checked.

Candidate profile statements are governed by Sections 61 and 62 of the Act. Profiles must be provided at the same time as the nomination document, but should also be emailed to the Deputy Electoral Officer, Carole Hansen at chansen@waitaki.govt.nz​.

Candidate photos​

Candidates may also submit a photograph for inclusion with the candidate profile statement in the sheet to accompany the voting papers. Photos must be recent (taken within the last 6 months), be submitted in JPEG format and be provided on a media device or in hard copy format at the same time as the candidate profile statement (and nomination paper), but should also be emailed to the Deputy Electoral Officer with the profile statement.

Note: The onus is on the candidate to ensure that all nomination documents including the profile and photo are submitted to the Deputy Electoral Officer/Electoral Official by .

Candidate eligibility​

Full eligibility criteria for these by-elections are detailed on the reverse of the nomination form. In summary, candidates do not need to reside within the Ahuriri Community Board area, but must be a NZ citizen and enrolled as a parliamentary elector somewhere in New Zealand and be nominated by two electors within the Ahuriri Community Board area.


Full details on the limitations associated with campaigning for this by-election are listed in the handbook. All candidates should refer to the handbook to familiarise themselves with those restrictions. The following is a summary of the main criteria to be aware of:

  1. Campaigning can commence anytime but must cease by the close of voting day, i.e. 12 noon Tuesday 18 February 2020.
  2. No election material can contain any untrue statement defamatory of any candidate and calculated to influence the vote of any elector or include an imitation voting paper which has the names of the candidates with any direction or indication as to the candidate a person should vote for, or in any way contains such direction or indication likely to influence the voter.

Election advertising​

Election advertising, using any media, must identify the person under whose authority they have been produced, as per Sections 113-115 of the Local Electoral Act 2001.

This means that for hoardings, posters, billboards, social media, advertisement​s etc.​, each candidate must have a sentence at the bottom saying that it is authorised by the candidate (or their agent), i.e. “Authorised by Bill Citizen, 20 Main St, Sample town.” Please note that the address listed must be a physical address i.e. it cannot be a PO Box or rural delivery number.

Election hoardings​

Further details on the election signage requirements are listed in the 2019 Candidate Handbook. Any candidate intending to use election hoardings as part of their campaign strategy is encouraged to contact the Council.

Campaigning expenditure limits​

At the end of the election period, all candidates are required to submit to the Electoral Officer a summary of donations received and expenditure made on campaigning. For these by-elections the total election expenses must not exceed $3,500 (inclusive of GST).

Lodgement of nomination forms​

Completed​ nomination forms for this by-election must be lodged with the Deputy Electoral Officer, Carole Hansen, Waitaki District Council office at 20 Thames Street. Oamaru before midday on Monday 23 December 2019. Along with the nomination form, each candidate must also:

  • Pay the $200 (inclusive of GST) election deposit
  • Submit the candidate profile statement of up to 150 words to be used for this by-election
  • Submit the photo to be used for this by-election
  • Submit evidence of NZ citizenship.

Election Helpline 0800 666 928​​

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