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UPDATE 16 April 2021:  SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA papers for the Additional Council Meeting (a late report and revised Long Term Plan Consultation Document) and for the Council Hearings and Deliberations (reconvened) on the St John Awamoa Park Lease Proposal (with additional information) have been published on the "Agendas and Minutes" page.  The meetings will be held in public and will be livestreamed on Council's Facebook page on the same livestream link.

On this page, you'll find links to the agendas and minutes for Council, Committee​ and Community Board​meetings back to December 2015.

If you are looking for agendas or minutes for meetings held prior to December 2015, ​​​please email or call us on ​​​03 433 0300. ​​​

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We webcast and record Council and Core Committee meetings, so that people can be informed about the debate and decision-making.
 of meetings can be viewed on our Facebook page​.

can be viewed on Council's YouTube channel​​​

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