Council Committees

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Committees in the Waitaki District Council are set up to deal with specialised local issues. ​Councillors are appointed to committees and make decisions regarding their areas. 

​The Mayor is an ex-officio member of all committees [LGA 41A(5)]. ​​​

​​​​​Assets Co​​​​​​mmittee​

​Bill Kingan​

Guy Percival (Deputy Chair), Jeremy Holding, Hugh Perkins, Melanie Tavendale
​​Heritage, Environment and Regulatory Committee​​

​​Hugh​​ Perkins

Jim Hopkins (Deputy Chair), Craig Dawson, Peter Garvan, Bill Kingan​
​Cultural Facility Development Committee​Gary Kircher
Jeremy Holding, Jim Hopkins, Hugh Perkins, Melanie Tavendale​
Community and Culture Committee​

Melanie Tavendale 

​Jeremy Holding (Deputy), Guy Percival, Jan Wheeler, Colin Wollstein
​​Development Contributions Committee

​Guy Percival

Peter Garvan (Deputy), Craig Dawson, Jim Hopkins, Hugh Perkins​
​District Plan Review Committee​​Jim Hopkins​​Craig Dawson, Peter Garvan, Bill Kingan, Guy Percival, Jan Wheeler
​Executive Committee​

​​Gary Kircher

​Melanie Tavendale (Deputy), Craig Dawson, Peter Garvan, Bill Kingan, and Colin Wollstein
​Finance, Audit and Risk Committee​

​​Colin Wollstein​

Craig Dawson (Deputy), Jim Hopkins, Peter Garvan, Jan Wheeler

​Grants and Awards Committee

​​​Jeremy Holding

Bill Kingan (Deputy)

All Councillors and Community Board Chairs.(generally up to five members to attend any one meeting)​
​​Harbour Area Committee​​​Gary Kircher​Jeremy Holding, Jim Hopkins, Guy Percival
Melanie Tavendale, Colin Wolls​tein​
​Information Services Committee​Craig Dawson​Melanie Tavendale (Deputy), Peter Garvan, Bill Kingan, Jeremy Holding, Colin Wollstein
​​Youth Coun​​cil​​​​Youth Council is a group of representatives from the district's high schools and training institutions.​​​ ​

​For more information please go to our Youth Council page.​​​

​​Quasi-Judicial Com​mittees​​ ​​ ​ ​
​​Hearings Committee​

​​Jim Hopkins

​Peter Garvan​, Hugh Perkins

​District Licensing Committee “A”​​

​Peter Garvan

Jim Hopkins, Hugh Perkins

​Community Board Representatives
Craig Dawson - Ahuriri | Jan Wheeler - Waihemo​​

​External and Joint Committees​​, Trusts​Representives
​Lower Waitaki South Coastal Zone Committee​Jeremy​​ Holding
​Upper Waitaki Zone Committee​Craig Dawson
​Safer Waitaki Coalition​Bill Kingan
​Otago Regional Land Transport Committee​Guy Percival, Bill Kingan (Alternate)
​Donald and Nellye Malcolm Trust​Gary Kircher, Jeremy Holding
​Alps 2 Ocean Joint Committee​Colin Wollstein
​Oamaru Whitestone Civic TrustGary Kircher​
​Observatory Ret​irement Village Trust​Gary Kircher

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