Speed Limit Review 2019


​​Road to ohau

​​​​​​We are asking for public feedback on speed limits following a review carried out across the Waitaki district late last year. Your feedback will be provided to Council to assist in their decision making prior to a second round of consultation later this year.​ Read the information below and fill in our online survey to have your say.


The speed limits set in the roading network under Council’s jurisdiction were last reviewed in 2012-13 as part of the Roading Bylaw review. In the six years that have followed, Council has received 37 requests to review and set speed limits around the local road network. Requests were received via CRM requests and have been collated in a database.

Council engaged Stantec Inc of Dunedin to complete a district-wide review in December 2018 of each requested site and to supply a technical report with recommendations for consideration.

Stantec Inc was chosen to complete the speed limit review in accordance with Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017 and the NZTA Speed Management Guide.

The full Stantec report can be viewed here:

Stantec Waitaki Speed Review Report - Dec 2018.pdf (7.8MB)

What is proposed?

Stantec were engaged by Waitaki District Council to undertake a speed limit assessment on a number of roads within the district that were identified during a public speed review consultation process.     

The roads that we have looked at are located across the district. A total of 37 sites were reviewed using the NZTA Speed Management Guide and other online NZ Transport Agency tools.

A summary of the recommendations is shown in the tables below.

  • ​Retain speed limits:

Road​​​​​Location​Existing Speed Limit​Recommendation
​Goodwood - Brooklands Road  ​Goodwood Road to end​100km/h​100km/h
​Moeraki - Tenby Street and Haverford Street ​Haven Street (west end) to Haven Street (east end)​50km/h​50km/h
​Herbert - Breakneck Road  ​SH1 to Reid Road​70km/h​70km/h
​Oamaru - Awamoa Road  ​No. 139 to Stonewall Road​80km/h​80km/h
​Oamaru - Beach Road​No. 105 to Golf Course Walkbridge​80km/h​80km/h
​Oamaru - Solway Street ​Saleyards Road to Railway​50km/h​50km/h
​Oamaru - Parsons Road  ​Homestead Road to Saleyards Road​80km/h​80km/h
​Oamaru - Old Mill Road​Saleyards Road to Eden Street​80km/h​80km/h
​Oamaru - Saleyards Road  ​Chelmer Street to Weston Road​70km/h​70km/h
​Oamaru - Ardgowan Road  ​Redcastle Road to Eden Street​80km/h​80km/h
​Oamaru - Reservoir Road  ​Redcastle Road to Water Treatment Plant​80km/h​80km/h
​Alma - Robins Road​SH1 to Thousand Acre Road​80km/h​80km/h
​Alma - Alma Road & Richard Road  ​SH1 to Thousand Acre Road​80km/h​80km/h
​Weston - Whiterocks Road  ​SH1 to West View Drive​​80km/h​​80km/h
​Weston - Tutu Hill Road  ​Parsons Road to Essex Street​80km/h​80km/h
​Weston - Homestead Road  ​Charles Street to Ardgowan Road​80km/h​80km/h
​Weston - West View Drive  ​Weston Road to Whiterocks Road​50km/h​50km/h
​Weston-Ngapara Road  ​Limeworks to Enfield, Enfield to Ngapara​100km/h​100km/h
​Kurow - Cattle Valley Road​No. 11 to end of seal​100km/h​100km/h​

  • ​​Change of speed limits:

Road​​​Location​​Existing Speed Limit​Recommendation
​Palmerston - Horse ​​Range Road  ​School to 500m north of Blue Bridge​100km/h​80km/h​
​Palmerston - Factory Road  ​Burraness Street to Horse Range Road​100km/h​80km/h
​Palmerston - Switchback Road  ​SH85 to Craig Road​100km/h​80km/h
​Kakanui - Waianakarua Road  ​Kakanui Bridge to Magdala Street​70km/h​60km/h
​Kakanui - Beach Road  ​Realignment site to Tyson Street​70km/h​60km/h
​Totara - Fortification Road  ​Cormacks-Kia Ora Road to Beach Road​100km/h​80km/h
​Alma - Thousand Acre Road ​North of Richard Road to South of Stonewall Road​100km/h​80km/h
​Oamaru - Stonewall Road  ​Awamoa Central Road to Thousand Acre Road​100km/h​80km/h
​Oamaru - Redcastle Road  ​Railway to Shortland Road​100km/h​50km/h
​Weston - Weston Road​Maudes Road to West View Drive​70km/h​60km/h
​Weston - Airedale Road  ​Parklane Place to No. 213 Airedale Road​70km/h & 100km/h​80km/h
​Weston - Devils Bridge Road  ​Homestead Road to Oamaru Creek Road​100km/h​80km/h
​Enfield - Weston-Ngapara Road (Village)​Twaddle Road to Slaughter Yard Road​70km/h​60km/h
​Windsor - Windsor Road (Village)​Bridge to Victoria Hill Road, including side roads​70km/h​60km/h
​Windsor - Peaks Road​Near Finlays Road to near Fire Station​100km/h​60km/h
​Tokarahi (Village)​Approx 300m in advance of each approach​100km/h​80km/h
​Waitaki Bridge - Kaik Road (Holiday Speed Limit)​Approx 700m in advance of the Holiday Park​100km/h​80km/h (HSL)​
​Lake Ohau - Lake Ohau Road​A2O trail near lakefront to Ohau Station​100km/h​80km/h


The majority of sites investigated resulted in no change being recommended, there are two main reasons for this.  A fairly common request revolved around reducing a speed limit to 70km/h. Under the new speed limit setting guidelines 70km/h speed limits are seen as temporary measures only as NZTA move towards speed limits of 50, 60, 80 and 100km/h. It is very unlikely that NZTA would support the introduction of a 70km/h speed limit; therefore we have considered whether a 60 or 80km/h speed limit would be an appropriate alternative.  

The second reason is that the new guidelines indicate the safe and appropriate speed for a section of road and these speeds can be influenced by many factors including road layout, topography, delineation and curve signage.  While some requests would appear to be as a result of speeding traffic it should be noted that speed limits are maximum speed and simply changing a sign may not necessarily result in a change in vehicle speeds.  ​


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