Planning Fees and Charges

​​​Proposed Fees for Planning and Monitoring Services 2019/20

The key change relates to an across the board increase in hourly staff processing times. This reflects the increasing disparity between our current rates and those in many other Councils in Otago / Canterbury. It’s a fact of life that the market for planning professionals is tight and to ensure the continuity of planning services we need fees that are reflective of a market in which costs associated with processing are generally rising. At Waitaki District Council we have increasingly made use of consultants whose cost to applicants is pegged to staff hourly rates and as such isn’t a factor in the rationale for the increase per se.

Another change proposed is an increase for monitoring consent conditions. The current fee is $50 and is rarely charged. More emphasis is being placed of the Territorial Authorities to actively monitor consent conditions. It is proposed the fee increase to a base fee of $130 plus $130 per hour after the first hour. The base fee is expected to cover the cost of assessing and establishing the monitoring requirements and ensuring receipt of supporting documentation. Some consents require annual documentation to be provided, regular inspections and monitoring and therefore would be charged at a hourly rate.

Below is a table comparison of current and proposed changes:

You can download the information here:​

Planning Fees and Charges 2019-20.pdf (214KB)

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