Kakanui mowing survey


Some Kakanui people tell us they want the esplanade (see map) mowed more often. Right now, we mow it 4-6 times a year. Generally, mows are timed for before Labour weekend, Christmas and Easter holidays. This service level was established with community 10 years ago to protect biodiversity habitat, be environmentally aware, limit vehicle damage, and reduce maintenance costs. But since we’ve had calls for change, we want to know what you think.​


Council is seeking Kakanui Community's views on whether the current mowing service level should be changed. Some options are:

  • Mowing 3-6 times per year Cost to ratepayers $5,000
  • Mowing between 30-150mm grass height (approx. 12 cuts per annum)  Cost to ratepayers $10,000
  • Mowing between 25-60mm grass height (approx. 20 cuts per annum) (same as around playground and walking tracks)  Cost to ratepayers $15,000​

Your choice - let us know

The feedback period closed on 16 August 2019. Based on what you tell us, any changes will start from 1 July 2020.​

Kakanui Maintenance Fact Sheet​​ (PDF 1.9MB)

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