Building Services Fees and Charges Review

​​​We want your feedback on the proposed changes to Council's Building Services Fees and Charges

We are engaging with Industry and Building Owners about proposed fee changes for the 2019/20 year. Any feedback will be provided to Council prior to them making a final decision. 

The Waitaki District Council (Council) is proposing to increase fees for building services. 

The Building Act 2004 allows a Territorial Authority to set a fee or charge in relation to a building consent; and for the performance of any other function or service under this Act. 

Before making any final decisions on the proposed fee model, we asked for your views. Please read the full consultation document below.

Building Services Fees and Charges counsultation document​ (2.8MB)

Then use our online feedback form ​or email with 'Building Services Fees and Charges Review' in the subject line to have your say.​


Over the past 4 years Council has been focused on improving service delivery in the Building area. The industry was demanding improvement in the time taken to be notified that more information was required, greater flexibility for inspections bookings and faster turnaround times overall.  

Over this time service levels have improved considerably from 91% within 20 working days in 2014 to 98% in 2018. This was achieved at a time when consent volumes and type of consenting work has changed considerably. 

Minimal changes in fees has occurred in the previous two years, however, the costs in delivering building services has increased due to a change in the complexity of building consents, more compliance and training requirements, recruitment and outsourcing to manage increased volumes. 

A working group met in 2018 with representation from the industry and a number of ideas were discussed in relation to fee models. 

The group discussed options to reduce rework by pricing to impact behaviour and the risk of people doing building work without consent if fees were too high. We also proposed pricing to improve quality.

Industry feedback

Representatives talked about the improving customer experience, the value of knowing (in advance) the costs to the project and the need to ensure processes were effective for all parties. 

Some of the challenges for us all:

  • – volume of Requests for Information (RFI) and failed inspections. No one wants a big list of questions or failed inspections. Currently 40% of inspections are failing and almost all consent applications are returned for more information. This increases costs and time for all parties. The building team are working hard to improve consistency in our decisions and we are about to launch eService system that is expected to provide better information on reasons for failures, improve consistency and enable us to target industry and/or individual training sessions. 

  • – This year a large percentage of building work has been outside of Oamaru with a particular increase noted in Ahuriri. This increases our travel time per inspection and costs. 

  • – Consent volumes have increased by 20% over the past 2 years. 

  • – Commercial consents are 37% greater than they were 2 years ago and these volumes have remained steady. New home consents have increased 60% during this same period. These consents take longer to process and require more inspections than renovations and garages. 

  • – Just like the industry work force, experienced building control officers are difficult to find. New staff recruited into the role take time to get up to speed with the requirements and must either hold a relevant qualification or complete the Building Surveying Diploma. ​

Proposed changes

​Download a copy of the Building Services Fees and Charges Review consultation document to find out all about what changes have been proposed, what will stay the same and all the options that were considered by the working group.​

​​We asked for your feedback by 12 April 2019 so we have time to consider your feedback before making a final decision. ​

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