Roading Bylaws and Speed Limit Review 2020

​Every seven years Waitaki District Council reviews the Roading Bylaw and makes changes if or where needed. This year we are also completing the Speed Limit Review which started back in May 2019 when we asked the public to tell us the roads and speed limit changes, they thought were important.

We asked for public feedback on how our local roads are managed and finalising proposed speed limits in the second and final round of consultation.


The Local Government Act 2002 requires regular reviews of bylaws to be undertaken. The bylaw review process commenced in 2019 with a decision to split the existing bylaw into three as this would simplify use and enforcement processes.

The speed limits set under Council’s jurisdiction were last reviewed in 2012-13 as part of the 2013 Roading Bylaw review. Last year we asked the public to tell us what speed limits they thought certain roads in Waitaki should have and to suggest others.

We have now carefully considered the requests and aligned them with the NZTA Safer Journeys Risk Assessment Tool ‘Mega Maps’.

What is proposed?

Prior to 2018, there was a mix of controls contained in the General and the Roading Bylaws. Adoption of the General Bylaw in 2018 meant that all the Roading Controls were contained in the Roading Bylaw.

It is proposed that the Roading Bylaw is split into three:
  • Roading Bylaw 2020 – Traffic

This review provides the opportunity to refine the structure of the Roading Bylaw further, with use and enforcement in mind.

  • Roading Bylaw 2020 – Parking

Simplification of parking into zones with different control mechanisms will assist enforcement, and there is a set of updated maps.

  • Roading Bylaw 2020 – Speed Limits

Speed Management is a national and community priority, with new initiatives in development by the Ministry of Transport. Changes are cognisant of the national direction and the bylaw is aligned with Police enforcement.

The first round of the Speed Limit Review consultation resulted in 134 responses. The previous timeline was not met due to announcements from the Government regarding a new approach to setting speed limits. There was also the introduction of New Zealand Transport Agency’s Safer Journeys Risk Management Tool ‘Mega Maps’ which presents information on Infrastructure Risk Rating, Safe and Sustainable Speed, Mean Operating Speed, the latest One Network Road Classification, traffic volume, speed limits and crash data.

Proposed changes to the Roading Bylaw are highlighted in yellow in the below document:​

​Ways of making submissions

Submissions for the Roading Bylaw and Speed Limit Review public consultation closed on Monday 20 July 2020.​​​​​​​​​

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