Duntroon Toilet Replacement

​​​Back in 2017 the DDDA and community considered three toilet locations, with the community agreeing to the concept in ​Attachment 1(​below) opposite the Duntroon Hotel. The plans were placed on hold following negotiations with LINZ regarding ownership and occupation of the land.

Council now wishes to construct a 3-pan toilet facility similar to that in Moeraki and make use of underground containment sewage tanks rather than utilising a waste disposal field. Several concerns regarding parking and proposed toilet locations have arisen in the pas​t few months. We have therefore decided to seek community views before proceeding further. ​

In coming up with ideas, people should consider the following:

  • Toilet proximity to Duntroon’s visitor experiences and the concept of visitors ‘spending a penny’ nearby when they stop to use the facilities.
  • Provision for 11 to 14 ‘nose-in’ car spaces for toilet users, visitors and A2O support (The parallel spaces may also be used for A2O support vehicles and their bike trailers as an option). Each carpark requires a minimum of 5m x 2.7m
  • Council has now acquired ownership of the land from LINZ.
  • The need to alleviate parking issues on the State Highway.
  • Security of tenure: Facilities located on Council land are unlikely to require costly relocation in the future.

Next steps are to convene a public meeting where the locals can raise questions; receive the community’s ideas; get a simple draft concept drawn up; and finalise a concept via the Community Board. We’ll then move forward with the toilet project and also feed any ideas to WDC Roading and the NZTA.

People can either drop off their ideas and sketches in person or send an email to Recreation Projects Officer, Mark Burgher, by no later than 24 August 2020.

Project contact: Mark BurgherRecreation Projects Officer, ph 03 4330300, email Mburgher@waitaki.govt.nz ​


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