Building fees and charges

​​Building fees and charges, what’s the story?

You may have heard we’re reviewing our Building Fees and Charges. 

On 18 February 2020 the Building team presented a proposal to Council for their approval. We’re trying to curb bad building consent applications and constant re-inspections because of failed inspections to enable us to deliver better service to the community. Our proposal was approved in principle for implementation by 01 June 2020, subject to engagement with Industry, so if you’re a tradie or work in building we’d really like your feedback.

Read more about it here​.

Summary of key changes:

Our charge out rate rises to $180 per hour (this is the basis for our residential and commercial building consent and Inspection Fees).

Introduction of new fees for managing the Earthquake prone Building Legislation, processing minor variations, receiving and digitalisation of paper based applications and printing approved documents.

Introduction of an Accreditation Levy at 0.04% of the value of Building work

Introduction of detailed Guidance to our Building Fees and Charges

Give us your feedback

One aspect we are particularly interested in hearing from you is regarding the costs to access Property files, by owners and others, and copying of property file information either hard copy or in digital format. Property files are very important records and they have to be managed as such requiring tracking and ensuring document integrity is maintained. Property files vary enormously in size and age-related document quality. Some customers regularly request access and copying of multiple files in a day. This unscheduled work diverts us from other work so a cost recovery mechanism is required that aligns better with the time involved and also caters for the future as more files become digital.

We’d also like to ask you to consider how Council can support the sectors of our community that may be impacted greatest by increased costs of the building consent process yet maintain the underlying principles that:

  • People can use buildings without endangering their health and they can escape from fire
  • Buildings contribute to the health, physical independence and wellbeing of the people who use them 
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