2021-31 Long Term Plan

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What is Waitaki District Council’s 2021-31 Long Term Plan (LTP)? 

All councils must prepare a long term plan every three years outlining their ten year budget explaining what projects and activities they intend to carry out and how these will be paid for.

Waitaki District Council’s LTP will contain our community outcomes and show the community how our activities will help achieve these outcomes.  It focuses on the ‘big picture’ – our opportunities and challenges – and how we plan to manage them.

Waitaki District Council’s LTP is our commitment to delivering the services and infrastructure our district needs to thrive.  The LTP consultation provides an opportunity for everyone to shape the future of our district for the next 10 years.  That opportunity comes with the consultation process which starts in April 2021.  We plan to have the LTP adopted on 29 June 2021.

We review our plans regularly to make sure they’re still appropriate. Any changes can be incorporated into our annual plans (our one year budgets) and gives us an opportunity to change course more quickly if we need to.



May – November 2020Policies, strategies and projects are developed
December 2020 – February 2021The consultation document and supporting information are developed
1 – 30 March 2021​The consultation document and supporting information is audited 
19 April 2021​The consultation document and supporting information is adopted by Council  
21 April – 21 May 2021Formal consultation with the community
24 and 25 May 2021 Hearings and deliberations
29 June 2021Adoption of the 2021-31 Long Term Plan;
Rates set for the 2021-22 rating year 
1 July 2021New rates effective  
July 2021Post engagement with the community 


Supporting information that will accompany the consultation document include: 

  • Accounting Information - Prospective Financial Accounts
  • Activity Management Plans
  • Development and Financial Contributions Policy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Forecasting Assumptions
  • Funding Impact Statements
  • Infrastructure Strategy
  • Rates Impacts for example properties
  • Rates Remission Policy
  • Revenue and Financing Policy
  • Significance and Engagement Policy
  • Statement on Fostering Māori Participation in Council Decision Making

Have yo​ur say 

Our LTP consultation is coming soon. You will be able to have your say in April -May 2021.

If you would like to speak to Councillors about your submission, we will hold hearings in May, where you will have the opportunity to speak to Councillors (There will also be the option to connect in to the Council meeting via zoom if you are unable to attend the meeting).  This will be your opportunity to have your say before the final adoption of the LTP in June 2021. 

Please check back here for updates.

Other ways to have your say:   
Here are some other options to have your say before the official consultation begins:

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