Plastic Free July

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Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. The 2021 theme is, 'In Aotearoa we choose to reuse'. Waitaki District Council has been a keen supporter of Plastic Free July activities since its inception in 2011.

In participating in this global event, Council’s goal is that each person reached will change one thing to reduce the use of plastic in their life.

Some examples are:

  • Using a refillable drink bottle or coffee cup
  • Replace plastic food wrap with Bees Wax wraps
  • Avoid plastic trays at the supermarket
  • Avoid prepacked foods
  • Use a reusable bag when shopping for vegetables instead of individual plastic bags

During the month of July keep an eye out on this page and our Facebook and Instagram for tips and tricks on how you can reduce the use of plastic in your life.

We’ll be looking for public feedback/suggestions/experiences on how they achieved this as well and holding a month-long competition with some wonderful prizes.

Themes through the month include:

  • An Intro to Plastic Free Living
  • Reduce and reuse your plastics
  • How to Live Plastic Free
  • Easy to adopt recycling habits

To wrap up, we warmly invite you to attend the finale event – competition entries will be shown and winners announced, along with an afternoon of short movies on plastic waste, guest speakers and a mini market of sustainable products for sale, plus demonstrations and workshops on plastic reduction and waste minimisation. Further details announced soon…


Where to start

Plastic free habits don't have to be limited to just the month of July. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Step 1 – check out the Plastic Free July Aotearoa website to for resources and ideas to help you (and millions of others around the world) reduce single-use waste everyday at home, work, school, and even at your local cafe.

Step 2 -  Join 326 million participants world wide and take the challenge on the Plastic Free July website as an individual or group.

Step 3 - Take the Plastic Free July quiz – if your answers aren’t “I’m doing this now” to some degree, then here are a few things you could either start or be doing more of to reduce the impact of single-use plastic waste.

  • Ditch the single-use plastic water bottles – grab a reusable bottle from home.
  • Sip that flat white inside a cosy café, use a keep cup to takeaway.
  • Take a reusable container to the deli, butcher and to get your favourite takeaway in.
  • Avoid plastic wrapping from store bought snacks and make healthy treats at home. Try these yummy crackers from Love Food Hate Waste and easy muesli bars from The Rubbish Trip.
  • Love your turtles – use paper or stainless steel straws or just enjoy your refreshment without one.

Having trouble deciding what to swap out this July? Play plastic free competition on the Wasteminz website - it's a fun way to make choices and see your impact.

Join our competition

Join our “Plastic, you are NOT fantastic!” competition and win prizes!

Download the Plastic, you are not fantastic competition poster(PDF, 2MB)

PFJ 2021 competition poster.jpg

Competition details: 

Can you cut ties with those plastic conveniences in your life?

Choose an everyday plastic item that’s made itself comfortable in your:

  • classroom
  • office
  • household
  • personal life

And choose to lose it forever!

Send us in a picture or video (up to ten seconds long) of one simple change you’ve made with your family, your colleagues, your classmates, or just you, to become more plastic-free this July.

Don’t forget to check out the Plastic Free July website for inspiration:

Send your entries in to by 5pm Thursday 29  July with your name and category in the subject line.

Winners in the Individual, Classroom, Office and Household categories will be announced at the Finale event, which will be held at the Ink Box from 2 – 4pm on Sunday 1 August.

The mystery prizes will consist of sustainable goodies, sustainable product vouchers and parts thereof...

Learn what you can recycle in the Waitaki district

By understanding which materials you can recycle in our district, you can rethink your purchase choices, and choose to reuse, recycle and reduce the use of single-used items.

Promote Plastic Free in your community

To promote Plastic Free in your workplace or school, there are a few ways you can help:

  • Have a look at those lunch boxes and see if you can choose one piece of plastic to refuse this month… it might mean doing a bit of home baking – yum! Or making some wax wraps to replace glad wrap! Check out these two helpful resources:
    How to make your own beeswax wraps video (34 seconds Facebook video) – resource created by Live Lightly
    How to hold a beeswax wrap making workshop (4.15MB Powerpoint) – resource created by Taupo District Council.
  • Visit  for resources including email footers, logos and posters.

For more tips and tricks, see the Plastic Free July website.