Its the sticky season

Published on 08 October 2021

fulton hogan truck.jpg

This year’s resealing program has commenced. The work is being carried out by Fulton Hogan over the next 6 weeks, sealing urban roads and rural streets over a total of 43kms. This can appear a patchwork process. We resurface in treatment lengths and there can be numerous lengths on one road, as sometimes only one or two portions of a road or a street are being resurfaced and not the whole street/road. This is the case for Mersey and Test Street in town – the rest of the town sites are the full length of the street.

Roading Manager Mike Harrison said the team were grateful for people’s understanding. “Every year we seal 40-50Km of roads in Waitaki and we appreciate the impact on people who live and work in these street/road sections. The contractor, Fulton Hogan, has a very experienced team and understand fully what is means to have your road sealed outside your house.

Resealing roads in urban streets is one of the most challenging road maintenance works undertaken in the community. The bitumen we spray keeps the road surface waterproof and the stone chips provide skid resistance for vehicle braking. However, the bitumen and stone chips can cause a mess until the bitumen sets and the chips are swept. After the day of sealing, there will be a small excess of stone chips which is normal. These chips are swept up within the next 48 hours and this is best done without parked cars for a better and faster job. With this in mind, park off the street if you can.

After the sweeping there will be some additional chips that come loose in the following weeks, and we will monitor this returning to sweep again if required.

So, remember that there will be a clean-up before and after the sealing, and again later if required. The loose chips can have some bitumen on them, so please check your shoes before you walk inside. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the numbers on the letter drop, because this team know exactly what to do. The earlier the better is the motto when cleaning is required.

When will the work start? You will see signs dropped off a few days before work begins. On the day of sealing the signs will be assembled early in the morning (or night before) and the activity will commence shortly after to be completed that day.

Thank you for co-operating with us and if you have any questions, please contact the persons on the letter that is dropped at the properties affected.”