Transpower crew of 45 to be based in Oamaru

Published on 06 December 2021

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Danseys Pass/Livingstone locals will be seeing a lot of Transpower logos on vehicles and uniforms in the new year. From January 2022 Transpower will have a crew of approximately 45 arriving in Oamaru, where they will be based fora project replacing the existing conductor with that of a higher capacity. This crew will work from the Livingstone end of the transmission line up to the top of Danseys Pass (at the Waitaki/Central Otago District boundary).

What is Transpower doing?

The company are undertaking work which will ultimately see the conductor (wire) on the 142 km section of the Roxburgh-Islington A 220kV transmission line between Roxburgh and Livingstone replaced with higher capacity conductor. 

Heavy construction works have begun on pylons in the area, with the start of the summer wiring programme quickly approaching.

Crews have started with enabling works in the transmission line corridor between Naseby and Livingstone over the Danseys Pass to prepare for the start of wiring on January 18th, 2022.

These works are not expected to impact on security of energy supply to local homes and businesses.

What is the community likely to see between Naseby, Danseys Pass, and Livingstone?

The community will see heavy construction equipment, trucks, hurdles, signage, crews and their vehicles. You will recognise the vehicles by the Transpower logo.

Two wiring crews will be operational on the Danseys Pass Road with one crew based in Oamaru, working on the north end of the transmission line from Livingstone to the top of the Danseys Pass, with the other crew working from Naseby northwards to the Pass.

What impact will the work have on Danseys Pass Road? 

Danseys Pass Road will remain open, subject to some constraints.

Transpower are working with the Waitaki District Council and Central Otago District Council to keep Danseys Pass Road open during the works. Traffic management will be in place during the works to minimise the impact to the community. While you can expect brief delays, Transpower say they cannot rule out possible lengthy delays of 1-2 hours depending on the daily construction work requirements.

Every effort will be made by crews to accommodate locals’ thoroughfare in the area.

What days are crews working?

Crews will be working on a two-week rotation of 10 days on, then 4 days off. Rostered crew days off consist of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Crews are scheduled for their first four-day weekend off on Friday 28 January 2022.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on this project?

This project is considered an essential project for Covid-19. Should Covid-19 return to the community, specific Covid-19 management plans will be rolled out, with the intent to continue work under a tightly managed environment where possible.

For more information go to  or Facebook @transpowernz 

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