Location confirmed

Published on 26 October 2021

Stadium Waitaki 1.jpg

Following consideration of submissions from the community, Council today confirmed the location of the Waitaki Indoor Sports and Events Centre as Centennial Park.

A Council hearing was held on 18 October to hear the 295 community submissions received on the location of the Waitaki Indoor Sports and Events Centre. 90% of submitters supported the recommended location for the Waitaki Indoor Sports and Events Centre – at Centennial Park, ŇĆamaru between the existing grandstand and Taward Street.

Mayor for Waitaki, Gary Kircher said, “We are making excellent progress with the Events Centre project - the fundraising team is going well, the work required in the background around planning, consents and procurement is humming, and the enthusiasm for the project overall is very positive!

Our Councillors and I are very appreciative of the many people who took time to make submissions. I am confident that the various issues raised can generally be solved and given the numerous goals we want the centre to achieve, the site is the best one overall. We have a real opportunity to create a centre that is one of the best in New Zealand. Once again, Waitaki punches above its weight!”