3 Waters - positive change prevents privitisation

Published on 02 May 2022

Last week’s announcement by the Government that it would be adopting almost all the recommendations from a working group established in November in the wake of concerns mounted about the reforms by councils including Waitaki is positive, but the model nevertheless still represents a loss of community representation, says Mayor Gary Kircher.


"The government's adoption of the great majority of the working group's recommendations is positive and welcome. However it has to be acknowledged that the terms of reference for the working group was narrow and so the changes are seen by many in local government as tinkering on the edges. The changes do help prevent privatisation of water infrastructure, but doesn't change the overall model or the loss of community voice in determining the future of the community's assets.
I doubt that the changes will see the Waitaki District Council change its opposition to the proposed model, and although we acknowledge the need for some form of change, we will continue to keep pushing for a model which works better for our district and our people."
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