Parent and child programme

We have five levels in our parent and child programme which are a blend of age and ability groupings. Young children learn better when with their own age group.

Once the child is 3 ½ years of age they can then go into their lesson on their own without a parent/caregiver. Our philosophy is to encourage children to move actively and confidently in the aquatic environment while having fun!


To enrol your pre-schooler in one of our programmes just pop into the centre. For more information call us on 03 433 0410 or email:


Fees for all programme can be found at swim school fees page.

Pre-school programme to 3 ½ years

Programme Description Suitable for
Jellyfish Happy in aquatic environment, happy in water, introduction to watering cans, introduction to buckets, introduction to movement front and back, submerging comfortably. 4 months- 10 months
Frog Submerging comfortably, buckets, parents, parent/teacher, off matt/wall, 'Monkey Monkey ' supported, kicking prone, kicking supine. 10 months – 18 months
Penguin Unassisted entry into the pool, prone and supine position, kicking, blowing bubbles, submersion, digging, 'Monkey Monkey'. 18 months – 2 ½ years
Mini Dolphin Safe entry/exit unassisted, Monkey Monkey independently, submerge independently, moving in front float dig/kick, independent back float with wings, independent front float with wings, push/glide/kick to and from step. 2 years – 3 years
Whale Move independently in the water, kick/glide/recover, rollover front to back with wings, float with wings kicking on back, leave wall/swim back, learner and main pool, Monkey Monkey main pool. 2 ½ years – 3 ½ years