How must you fly?

  • Never fly higher than 120 metres (400 feet) above ground level.
  • Only fly during daylight hours.
  • Always fly within visual line of sight – you need to be able to see the aircraft with your own eyes at all times (i.e. not through binoculars, a monitor, or smartphone).
  • At all times take all practicable steps to minimise hazards to persons, property and other aircraft (ie don’t do anything hazardous).
  • Give way to all other aircraft, and have abort systems in place in the event of a system failure (know how your aircraft will behave if a failure occurs).

Please visit the Civil Aviation Authority website to view the operating rules in full.


Users of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) need to follow the Civil Aviation Authority rules on the use of UAVs. In addition, when flying in a public space or over a beach, you should adhere to the following:


  • Fly a drone over a sports field if it’s in use.
  • Fly within 4km of any aerodrome or airport (unless a specific permit has been granted).
  • Operate within 20 metres of, or fly over other people in the area.
  • Fly over or within 50 metres of livestock on parks, sensitive wildlife habitats such as wetlands, or nesting or roosting birds.
  • Operate within 20 metres of or fly over park buildings and overhead wires.
  • Operate over dry flammable vegetation.
  • Fly over adjoining private properties.


  • Be courteous of others.
  • Keep the UAV in full view at all times (eg not operated through binoculars, video monitor or smartphone, unless an observer is present).
  • Fly in daylight hours only.
  • Cease operation if requested by Council staff.