Let's talk about our roads

We all love getting out and about across our district and travel our roads to get to where we want to be, to connect with the people and places we want to see, making our roads very important.

The rising costs (of just about everything), due to COVID and international events such as the invasion of Ukraine, along with a shortage of raw materials, and a shortage of people available to do the work – have directly impacted our roads and road maintenance.

We know that with inflation rising, and the cost of materials rising, the cost of keeping our roads maintained is going to rise also. 

It is too early to know how much the costs are likely to increase, but we believe that the costs in the road sector have increased more than general cost increases.

What do YOU want? Which option do you choose?

Would you be happy to pay more to keep your roads in the current condition?  Or would you prefer to pay the same, and accept that we will not be able to maintain the roads as well or as regularly as you are used to?