An update on landfill and dumping


We’ve inherited some problems with some old dumps.  

The problem areas are the Hampden landfill and two unofficial dumpsite locations on Beach Road.  The Hampden Landfill closed in 1996 but the landfill sits on coastal land.  We have been monitoring these areas, and protected these sites to date to ensure there is no land (or waste) slipping into the ocean.  However, with coastal erosion we cannot stop this happening in the future, which is why we need to act now.

What is proposed?

Council is proactively responding to an environmental risk.  We are not alone in facing these issues, but we will be one of the first Council’s to take action.

We have a window of opportunity through to 2027 to minimise the impact on our ratepayers while we operate the Palmerston landfill.  Beyond 2027, costs would substantially increase.  As we proceed with this project we will be looking at ways that we can minimise the rate burden by seeking support from Government - either through environmental grants or through rebates on waste levy’s.

We are still working through the detail for the long-term fix, but this is something that we need to do now and we need to do it right.

What are the costs? 

In 2022/23 the costs are expected to be only about $15k on our rates as we will use loan servicing.  

The costs will increase in 2024, but by taking action now, the cost in dollar terms and environmental impact will be less.