Let's talk about drainage


While drainage infrastructure, such as our stormwater drains, is generally good around the district, it is by no means perfect. Inadequate drainage can cause a lot of frustration and we want to ensure that we have the funds to be able to deal with these issues.  

Problems generally come to light after a significant, or just a persistent, weather event.

In some areas, the problems we experience with drainage, can be more than just during rain events, such as in Kakanui where the v-drains that channel stormwater away can limit road-side parking and make it difficult to walk around the village.   

What is proposed?

We want to set aside sufficient funds to deal with some of the drainage issues that are brought to our attention.

What are the costs? 

While some work is happening now, we would like to set aside $150k for more work to be done in 2022/23.   

Do you support extra funds being set aside to deal with drainage works that are needed?