We are focused on Community Outcomes

You may hear us talk about, or refer to, community outcomes.  We have identified four key community outcomes that we strive to deliver on to help our community thrive, and to make Waitaki the best place to be. 

Prosperous District

  • Attractive to new opportunities
  • Support local businesses
  • Foster a diverse and resilient economy

Strong Communities

  • Enable safe and healthy communities
  • Connected, inclusive communities
  • Promoting a greater voice for Waitaki
  • Celebration of our community identity

Quality Services

  • Robust core infrastructure and services
  • Community facilities and services we are proud of

Valued Environment

  • Protecting our diverse landscapes and water bodies
  • Meeting environmental and climate change challenge

The projects that we are proposing for the Annual Plan 2022/23, fit within at least one of these community outcomes.