An update on Civil Defence and Emergency Operation Centre


Waitaki generally deals with at least one civil defence event each year such as flooding, snow, fire or other events that affect our wider community and require a co-ordinated response.

Our Civil Defence and Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) currently operates out of the Centennial and Memorial Rooms on Severn Street.  

The current EOC is not in the right location - access can be challenged in weather events, and the building is not fit-for-purpose for an EOC.

What is proposed?

St John is proposing to build a new premise in the near future and we have the opportunity to establish an EOC within the new facility.  This would not only align the EOC with one of our core essential services, but it would also ensure our community has an effective base to provide a strong response to future emergency events. 

Co-location makes good business sense, it should benefit all parties and in our mind, it is a pretty exciting opportunity.  Without this option, we will need to investigate alternative sites in the foreseeable future for our EOC.

What are the costs? Who pays?

These are early days and we are yet to find out the detail on how we can work with St John, and the costs involved.  

For now we are just letting you know that we think this could be a great opportunity for our EOC and St John to work together in providing quality support for our community.