Let's talk about future proofing our 3Waters infrastructure


Our 3Waters team provides safe, reliable drinking water across our district; they treat wastewater to a high standard so it can be safely discharged into the environment; they manage stormwater to minimise flooding and protect waterways; and they provide infrastructure that supports the growth across our district.

The current position of Central Government is to shift the management of 3Waters infrastructure to four new entities across New Zealand in 2024.  

We believe it is in Waitaki’s best interest to make sure we have some of the best water in the country, and ensure our infrastructure is in great condition that will stand up to changing weather events, when we hand over the management of these critical assets to the new entity. We want the best for our community, our environment, and our future.

What is proposed?

We are proud of our 3Waters infrastructure, however with changing compliance measures being introduced and the proposed shift of management of 3Waters to the new entity in 2024, Council has decided to fast-track a number of the projects that were approved in the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan to start in 2022-2023 to future-proof our infrastructure.

What are the costs? Who pays?

We are using compounding loans to fund these 3Waters projects, and unfunding the associated depreciation, so there isn’t an immediate impact on rates. 

If the Government’s proposal proceeds in 2024, the loans associated with these projects will be transferred to the new entity.

Do you agree with our decision to bring forward 3Waters projects to ensure we have quality water and infrastructure for our future?