Water ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​notices


​​​​Current ​​​​​​​Boil and Conserve​ water notices

​​​Water Sch​eme​


Date issued​


​​Lakes Camp S​ites

​​​Please boil drinking water at the lakes camp sites.​



​Bushy Creek

​​Boil Water Notice in place as the water supply is not treated.​​​​




​​Boil Water Notice in place as the water supply is not treated.​​​



​Why we issue ​​​​​​Boil and Conserve​ water notices​

​You may need to boil drinking water (and water used for preparing food and brushing teeth) if you are on a rural water supply either temporarily, or on an ongoing basis:

  • Temporary boil water notices may be needed due to contamination of the water supply during a one-off event, such as heavy rainfall or flooding.

  • Long-term boil water notices are for untreated supplies and are needed until they are upgraded to meet the Government's Drinking Water Standards.

​​For information on how to boil water for drinking - please visit Environmental Protection Agency website​.

We issue conserve water notices when there has been low rainfall, or for other reasons, such as when work is being done of the supply network. Even when there aren't notices issued, it is a good idea to conserve water at all times.

Rural supplies: 

The intake pumps for rural supplies (which are restricted) sometimes need to be turned off. This usually happens after there has been heavy, prolonged rainfall and the water source becomes dirty or silted up. 

The Council does this to protect the supply from damage and contamination. In these cases, a Conserve Water notice will be placed on this page, and on local radio.​​

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