Road conditions

​​​​Please check the Met Service for up-to-date weather information and the NZ Transport Agency website forthe most up-to-date information regarding State Highways. Drivers are advised to always follow signage, detours, and other directives even when GPS and other navigation systems disagree.  Always drive to the conditions. When they worsen, reduce your speed.

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Current road conditions

Below is a list of road closures, events, and major road works in the Waitaki District. Click on the 'Map' link in each item to view a map showing the area affected. This information is kept up-to-date as much as possible and provided in good faith. The accuracy is not guaranteed and Waitaki District Council accepts no liability for any error.

Long-term Temporary Speed Limits

Approval of Temporary Speed Limits (TSL) are in terms of Section 5 of Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2003, Rule 54001.

A temporary maximum speed limit is hereby fixed for motor vehicles travelling over the below sections of road as indicated by speed limit signage:

Temporary Speed Limits

Beach Road


30 km/h

10/04/16 to 3​1/10/17

A temporary speed limit of 30km/h and 50km/h is in force near Kakanui where the road has been reduced to one lane.

Gemmells Crossing Road

Gemmells Crossing Bridge

50 km/h

1/10/15 to 31/10/17

A temporary speed limit of 50km/h is in force at the Gemmells Crossing Bridge indefinitely in order to reduce vehicle speeds and increase the life of the bridge.

Haven Street

Community Rebuild section

30 km/h

1/08/16 to 31/10/17

A temporary speed limit of 30km/h is in force on this street from outside the Coronation Hall to the end of the community rebuild section.

​Tyne Street, Harbour Street, Wansbeck Street, Itchen Street​Historic Precinct​30 km/h​22/12/16 to ​5/05/17​A temporary speed limit of 30km/h is in force along sections of these roads during the Summer and Easter holidays.
Waianakarua Road

Orore Point

50 km/h

23/12/15 to 31/10/17

A temporary speed limit of 50km/h is in force at Orore Point (approx. 9.5kms from SH1) due to road shoulder subsidence.​​

Bridge Closures

Under Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1974, the below bridge has been temporarily closed for safety purposes:

RoadBridgeLocationDate ClosedDetails
Slaughter Yard RoadSlaughter Yard Road BridgeEnfiel​d20/7/15Bridge Closure. Please note that this bridge is now closed to vehicular traffic from 7am Monday 20 July 2015.

The detour route is via Coal Pit Road.

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