Nominating a Historic Heritage Item

​​Harbour street.

​​​​​​​​​​We are reviewing the District Plan and as part of the review are seeking nominations for historic heritage items for inclusion.  An item included in the District Plan means that it can be protected by provisions to ensure its significance is not lost.

Nomination of an item does not automatically guarantee that it will be included, but it will be considered. Priority will be given to those items that match the criteria listed in the guidelines (see below): 

Once nominations have closed we will begin the process of evaluation. 

Button for Online nomination.

There is a planning process that must be followed before an item can be included and through this process the owner and any other person with an interest in the item will have the opportunity to submit for or against the proposal before a final decision is made.​​

If you wish to discuss a possible nomination please email Mike Searle at or call him on 03 433 0300.

Page reviewed: 22 Dec 2017 9:05am