Development Contributions


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We expect our district will continue to grow at a moderate rate over the next 10 years. This may be population growth, visitor growth, growth in the number of households and intensification of economic activity. As a result of growth, more demand is placed upon our key infrastructure - roads, water supply and wastewater disposal​.House under construction

​Why do we charge Development Contributions?

​Development Contributions help pay for new infrastructure - such as roads and water supplies, or help us upgrade current infrastructure assets to cater for extra demand. Our Development Contributions are calculated so that the people who benefit from the development pay their fair share without extra burden on ratepayers who have already paid their share.

​​Land use

We have calculated Development Contributions in different ways depending on the type of development. There are different charges for residential developments, commercial developments, rural-residential developments, industrial, and dairy farm conversions.​


A family flat or ‘granny flat’ with its o​​wn kitchen and bathroom facilities including an oven or stove and a toilet will incur a Development Contribution.

​Reductions or waivers of Development Contributions

There are certain situations when a Development Contribution does not have to be paid in full. These include:sub division land.

  • 50% reduction on the roading contribution for each new residential, rural-residential or accommodation development
  • 50% reduction on the Ohau water supply for any Ohau properties paying a water half-charge
  • 50% reduction on Moeraki wastewater for any Moeraki properties paying a wastewater half-charge
  • 100% reduction (full waiver) on the roading development contribution for new dwellings built on dairy farms.

There are other instances when a reduction may apply or a refund may be given. Go to the ‘Reconsiderations and Objections’ section to find out more. If you believe you are entitled to a reduction in your Development Contribution, please contact us at​ or call 03 433 0300.

​When payment needs to be made

We expect payment before we issue certain certificates or before a supply connection is made. For example, payment for a subdivision resource consent must be made before we issue the s224c Certificate (Resource Management Act). Similarly, we may not provide a service connection until payment has been made. We will enter into deferred payment arrangements on appropriate projects (see the 'Deferred​ Payments’ section below).Wooden house under construction.

We may also withhold a Code of Compliance Certificate (under the Building Act) until payment is made.

A Development Contribution notice is issued with all building consents that attract a Development Contribution. If payment has not been made within two years after your Development Contribution notice is issued we will take steps to recoup this cost. If you have any concerns regarding payment please contact us as soon as possible so that a suitable arrangement can be reached.

Deferred payments

We may agree to enter into a deferred payment arrangement at the time of issuing the s224c Certificate. We will review deferred payment arrangements on a case-by-case basis but please contact us as soon as possible so that a possible deferred payment can be investigated.​

Deemed credits

Deemed credits occur when a development existed before 2004 or where Development Contributions have since been paid. If a business relocates from one site in the district to another site in the same district (Waitaki), deemed credits are not transferable to the new site, they remain with the original site.​​

Reconsiderations and objections

You are entitled to ask Council to reconsider a Development Contribution. This must be done within 10 working days after receiving the Development Contribution notice. Judge hammer.

The request must be in writing and sent to The Chief Executive, Waitaki District Council, Private Bag 50058, Oamaru 9444. Alternatively, you can email

We will, in good faith, consider your request and the reasons you give us for why you believe the payment should be waived or reduced. Within 15 working days we will respond to your request as long as all relevant information has been received. 

There is no charge for these requests. If you wish to take the matter further you can formally object and Council will refer the matter to an independent Development Contributions Commissioner. You will be charged for the associated costs.


We may allow a refund to be made when a Development Contribution has been paid but the development has not gone ahead. We may, however, retain a portion of the contribution should we have incurred some administration costs. 

Applications for refunds must be made in writing and sent to The Chief Executive, Waitaki District Council, Private Bag 50058, Oamaru 9444. Alternatively, an application can be emailed to​.

​Additional information

For any additional information please call us on 03 433 0300 or email​. 

Development Contributions and Financial Contributions Policy​​

Any application ​submitted with all required informations​ ​on or after 1 July 2015 will be subject to the 2015 policy.​​

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